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What is the best time to fish for sturgeons?

The fishing season on the Fraser River runs for a more extended period. It is legal to fish for white sturgeons any time of the year but may choose not to fish from December to February. The water is slow running, and the weather makes it difficult to be on a boat. The temperatures at this time of the year are also freezing. When the temperature gets close to freezing, it will affect the metabolism of the fish. The fish will be slow to move or to feed.

If you are lucky enough to hook a fish at this time, they will not be too active and will not put up a good fight. They will offer more fun in the warmer seasons. The fish are there any time of the year. Many people do not like to go out in the winter. The fish are not as active, and they do not want to move around as much. People do not want to deal with the harsh temperatures either. They do not want to be out in the freezing weather with a little chance of catching a fish. They would rather wait until the warmer months when the fish are more active.

Fishing for Sturgeons in the Spring on the Fraser River

From March to November the sturgeon are active. The river is almost 900 miles long, and the headwaters and tributaries run north. When the weather becomes warmer the water from the rain and the melted shown will run into the river and reduce the clarity of the water. It is almost impossible to see. This also means that the water temperatures will begin to warm up and the fish will begin to move around. When the water begins to warm up the fish will become more active. During this time the activity level is going to depend on how warm the weather is and the temperature of the water.

Spring fishing is off to a good start in April when the smelt arrives from the Pacific Oceans. This wakes the sturgeon up, and they come up to feed. The peak time for fishing in the last week in April. Experienced fisherman says that this is the best time of year to be out on the water and catch the fish. The sturgeon will come in large numbers, and they will eat living of even the deal smells. They will be actively hunting for food, and you will be able to fish them actively.

In the past seasons the smelts returned in large numbers, but in the last couple of years, there has been a variation from season to season. The ocean survival has become more difficult. The number of smelts is greater some years than others. This will depend on how nature was that season. Sturgeon do eat other fish besides the smelt so they will still be active and swimming around at this time.

Fishing the Fraser River for Sturgeon in the Summer

As the spring turns into the summer and June comes around the water will rise due to the increase in temperature to the rain and the melting snow. How much the river will rise depends on the amount of snow that melted. The weather will have an impact on the volume of the water. Debris can hamper the fishing for sturgeon. If you know where the fish are you can have some successful days. This is an excellent time of year to be out. The scenery is green, the days are long, and the weather is nice. The weather is the key to successful fishing. A person can enjoy the warmer weather, and they will be able to enjoy being outside and fishing.

The months of July and August are some of the best times for fishing for the sturgeons. The warm weather and the sun will get the sturgeons to come up, and there is plenty of food for them on the river. The water temperature is excellent and is excellent for fishing.

As the summer turns to autumn and September comes around, there is a hint of coolness in the air. The water temperature will begin to reduce as well. The mornings are cool. The afternoons are warm, and the skies are clear. There is still plenty of food for the sturgeons to feed on. During this months you can fish for sturgeons as well as salmon. The pink salmon also comes this time of year and the salmon run is usually in September. September is still an excellent time for sturgeon fishing, and there is plenty of fish still in the waters. The weather is still lovely, the water conditions are still favorable, and September is still a good time to go fishing.

Sturgeon Fishing Charters During The Winter On The Fraser River

As the month of October, the weather turns a little damp. Rain is frequent. The tributaries on the Fraser become low and they become clear. At this time the salmon have some trouble. The weather is not going to be as nice when being outside but fishing from the boats is still popular. There are still plenty of sturgeons out during this time and they are large in size. There are also some smaller of fish that make catching them fun and will make the day exciting.

Fishing in the fall goes by quickly. By the end of November, the weather is not always that good. The conditions are becoming rather difficult. The temperatures are steadily dropping and so is the activity level of the fish. The activity of the sturgeon will depend on the water. It is similar to hunting and weather will have a big impact on the activity level of the fish.

With the winter approaching, we are looking forward to the days that we can get into the river and go fishing for our sturgeons again.

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