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Brad's patented, NON-INVASIVE B benders are for acoustic or electric guitars. TheHIGGINS PEG BENDER provides a means of emulating the sound of a pedal steel guitar with a traditional electric or acoustic Spanish guitar. There is no need to butcher an expensive guitar to have a smooth, fast, B bending system installed. With The HIGGINS PEG BENDER, you merely remove the B string tuning peg and peg ferrule, and replace it with the Higgins B bender. Connect the cable to your guitar strap, and you're ready to play.

When installed you operate the bender just like you would a Parson's-White, press down on the neck to activate a bend.

The Higgins b string bender system comes with Allen wrenches, a peg ferrule assortment, installation instructions, and a B string bender course in which chords are designed around pedal steel guitar imitation, by Brad Higgins.


When installed you operate the bender just like you would a Parson's-White, press down on the neck to activate a bend.

Magazine Reviews:

"...Our test guitar was an Epiphone strat with a Kramer-style hockey-stick headstock. Not exactly your classic country guitar, but since the unit returns to pitch on that headstock, you can rest assured it will be trouble free on any other. The throw seems the quickest of all the units tested, but it's smooth and sensitive enough for easy partial half-step bends."
Guitar Player Magazine, November 1996

"...Since it requires minimal mods and is simple to install, the Higgins may be the easiest way to take the pull-string plunge."
Guitar Player Magazine, November 1996, "B Bender Shoot-Out"


"...This is a very hip accessory, especially if you play those slow, sentimental country ballads." Acoustic Guitar Magazine 1996


"Got the bender on friday, but was at shows until today, put it on in less than 30 minutes and played out with it tonight. Wow. The fastest, smoothest bender I own, and I have 4 including a Glaser, White, and a Shelton. Thanks and I will definitely buy more."
Bryan T. Rankins

"Now, finally, I am able to use a string bender without ruining my guitars with that routing and thinning of the sound. And, I also use the Higgins B bender on my Les Paul, too. What a sound! I've used B string benders for 20 years...How is it that someone hadn't thought of this brilliant device sooner? Well, I'm certainly glad the Higgins bender is available. (superlative Clarence White fan)"Jay D. Haskett - Vero Beach, Florida

"I highly recommend the Higgins peg bender. I have one on each guitar. The ease of use, durability,easy installation without routing out or gouging the instrument and the versatility of doing half or full bends just makes this one of the most important pieces of equipment I have. On the Southern Cross CD you would swear that I am sitting at a pedal steel & doing the licks. If you're a country player YOU NEED ONE OF THESE!!! " Dan Rabideau - Crown Point, NY

"I bought your b bender, and I really enjoy using it. I also like the fact that it can be - disabled - by removing the strap, for when your not using it. If you need any positive testimonials for your product, please include mine, as I use it professionally, and will recommend it to others. " George Pegula

"I wanted to make a comment on your b benders. I have been using one for over 10 years and they are maintenance free. I have bought 4 of them throughout the years, and all worked perfectly, even the ones for acoustic guitar. It gives the guitar a nice sounding effect and when you play a guitar without a b bender, it's never the same. Do not hesitate to buy one of these. If you could post this for me, I mean every word of it. I have over 55 years of guitar lead playing under my belt."
Donnie Bletz, Sr. - West Rutland, Vermont



Includes: String Bender System
MODEL PB3S (3 Tuners on-a-side) or
MODEL PB6L (6 Tuners in-line)
Mounting Instructions
B Bender Starter course

HIGGINS PEG BENDER/3-on-a-side is
$175.00 USA

$12.00 shipping & handling/USA LOWER 48 ONLY


$175.00 USA

$12.00 shipping & handling/USA LOWER 48 ONLY