Testimonials for the
Bradivarius Violin Pickups


Kimberly Doerfel, Doerfel Family Band

"Brad's pickup is the closest thing to the real, raw, natural sound that I've found - I'm wonderfully pleased with it's tone!"
Kimberly Doerfel



Elan Chalford, The Fiddle Guru

"For almost a year I had been simply playing into a microphone to amplify my violin. Before that, I used a Yamaha Electric Violin and amplifier, or a clip on microphone positioned over the f-holes.

The electric violin had an acceptable sound, but it was harder to play in tune than an acoustic violin. It lacks the helping factor of the resonant body of a violin.

The clip on mike had a very narrow sweet spot on the pre amp. On one side was insufficient volume. On the other was a killer feedback squeal.

To eliminate these two problems I had accepted the problem of not having a strong presence on stage when the other instruments were plugged in direct to the sound board. Even using maximum bow pressure and getting on top of the mike was not enough unless the other musicians backed off, and I couldnít count on that.

I got the Bradivarius while looking for a sound reinforcement solution for one of my students who plays with other retirees in a pop/dance type band. Seeing that the pickup needed to be fitted to a violin individually by a luthier, I put it on my violin to test it. I was hoping to solve my problem, too.

Initially I tried my new set up at home, plugging in to the Yamaha violin amp. It had a good, strong violin sound across all the strings, even and full.

When my student tried out my Bradivarius equipped fiddle at her practice, her volume was immediately on even standing with all the other musicians. That included clarinet, saxophone, electric guitar and a drum set.

The next day I had an opportunity to use the Bradivarius at two concerts. The first was outdoors at the St. Petersburg Folk Festival. The other players were two plugged in guitars and a harmonica going straight into a microphone. In spite of sound problems that were beyond our control, the violin could easily be heard on stage as well as out in the audience.

Later that day I played indoors with The Crystal Beach String Band. There was no difficulty getting a balanced sound with the other plugged in string instruments, including guitar, autoharp, mandolin, banjo and bass.

Here is what a colleague, Ken Brooks of www.strumhollow.com, wrote in an e-mail:
"Hey Elan, I really enjoyed your playing. I think I learnt new things just watching you. That pick up sounded good. Great job! Ken"

To sum up my experience with the Bradivarius violin pick up, I wholeheartedly recommend it as a simple and elegant solution to violin sound reinforcement needs. Itís so easy to use and reliable, I just love it."

Elan Chalford
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David Blackmon with Curley Maple Band

"Got the Bradivarius pickup installed. I really like this pickup a lot. First I tried without a preamp, and yes, it does perform as advertised in that I was able to get a good tone without a preamp. Next I used it with my Baggs Venue DI preamp and all I can say is WOW !! It is the best sound I have ever gotten plugged in period. I really think Bradley Higgins has produced the best bridge type pickup I have ever used. I think I have tried them all except the new Fishman V-300 and one or two European offerings that are not sold over here in the US yet. This pickup gets my vote !!"

David Blackmon

DAVID BLACKMON with Curley Maple on MySpace



Wendy Benefer, Norfolk UK

"I'd like to say thanks for the Bradivarius pickup, I'm really pleased with the sound and how I can get the violin up much louder than when I was using a microphone. Your bridge has made my violin sound a lot better also, it has a fuller tone across the strings, the E string used to sound pretty thin, but it now sounds noticeably richer. I played it for a couple of hours at a rehearsal this week for the first time, and am now looking forward to playing some gigs with it over the next few weeks,(without worrying about feedback problems)."

Wendy Benefer




"I've had my pickup installed and played a 3 hour gig with it yesterday. Great balance on all strings, very little adjustment to bass, midrange and treble needed. Put in just a little reverb to round out my sound and had the best sound I've ever had."

Roger Bauer, Lexington, Kentucky